Youth Bicycle Classes & Activites

Our Youth programs are rooted in the belief that young people thrive when they are valued, when they value themselves, and when they feel a sense of belonging. They are designed to engage youth in technical bike repair instruction and riding opportunities, which open doors to healthy development, active lifestyles, civic engagement, social justice advocacy, and environmental stewardship.

Bicycle Repair Classes (Earn-a-Bike)

This after-school program provides youth with opportunities to engage in hands-on learning activities that combine critical thinking, practical skills, teamwork and mentoring from caring adult instructors. During this class, youth learn the basics of bicycle repair, earn community service hours working on bikes, and also get to refurbish a bike for themselves to keep. This innovative program draws youth in with the promise of a bicycle, but results in so much more, as youth build confidence, strengthen social skills, and find a caring community.

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Bicycle Riding Opportunities

Bike Riding Programs at Bike Works range from Street Burners, a free cycling and social activities community for youth that happen on Saturdays and select weekdays throughout the school year, and weekend riding clubs like R.I.D.E.S. Clubs (Ride, Investigate, and Discover the Environment and Society) and Justice Journeys, where youth gather ride together in a progression that offers the ability to engage in positive riding activities while creating community and engaging in dialogue about identity, social justice, and environment.

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Bicycle Summer Camps

We offer physically challenging camps that allow youth to be active and explore their world by bicycle, and hone values for environmental stewardship, community engagement, leadership, and healthy living. All of our summer camps include environmental awareness, social and cultural elements, and leadership training.

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Summer bike rides and tours for kids and youth to explore seattle

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Bicycle Giveaways

We work with community partner organizations from South Seattle, along with families from these same neighborhoods, to offer a bike and helmet for youth of all ages who have a cost barrier to purchasing a bike. We also work with public schools in SE Seattle to provide an opportunity for youth who qualify for free and reduced lunch, and do not have a bicycle, to receive a bike and helmet. These programs happen monthly/quarterly.

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Partnerships & Job Skills Training

After Bike Works partners extensively with schools and community organizations. We collaborate directly with local schools and community groups to offer Bike Works’ core program activities to youth who cannot attend our onsite classes. Site-specific programming can be created in bike repair and riding to meet the needs of the partnership organization. We also offer opportunities for Advanced Earn-A-Bike graduates and youth from Job Readiness programs with partner organizations to work alongside instructors and mechanics on our BikeMobile while preparing themselves for possible work in the bicycle industry.

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Become a bike mechanic learn bicycle repair and train for jobs

Drop-in community service program

Drop-in Community Service Program ignites a passion for community service in young people and empowers them to give back to their community by refurbishing bicycles for people in need. As in our Earn-A-Bike program, youth are rewarded for their hard work by earning bikes and parts as they log more hours. Every year youth refurbish over 300 bicycles for redistribution in our Bikes-for-All Youth! bike giveaway program for other young people in their community.

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Youth Participant health & medical history form

All youth in our programs are required to fill out our health & medical history form. If you are signing a youth up for any program, please complete the form below.


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