Youth Bicycle Classes & Activies

At Bike Works our youth programs are rooted in the belief that young people thrive when they are valued, feel a sense of belonging, and value themselves. We offer an innovative combination of education, bicycle repair and ownership, outdoor activities, leadership development, and community service. We actively involve young people in their community which helps them to develop new skills and promote positive change.

Bicycle Repair Classes (Earn-a-Bike)

Learn how to fix bikes and earn community service hours! During this 8-week after-school program, you can practice your skills on bikes we repair and give back to the community. Classes include:

  • Beginner Repair – learn about simple mechanics. You can earn a BMX bicycle with community service hours.
  • Intermediate Repair – learn more difficult bike repair lessons on more complex bikes. You can earn a mountain bike with community service hours.
  • Advanced Repair – hone skills to work in a bike shop or continue as a Bicycle Leader. When you graduate, you can mentor and apprentice in Bike Works programs as instructors or as mechanics in the community bike shop or aboard the BikeMobile.

Bicycle Riding Clubs

These 8 session after-school and weekend riding clubs are designed to encourage youth from diverse backgrounds to get on their bikes and keep pedaling. R.I.D.E.S Club stands for Ride, Investigate, and Discover the Environment and Society. Clubs include:

  • Girls RIDES Club – hang out with other girls and female identifying people as you decide as a group what kind of activities you’d like to do!
  • RIDES Training Club – hone those rode riding skills and increase endurance while riding with friends. Mileage builds up over the course of the club and finishes with a 50 mile ride.
  • Mountain Bike RIDES Club – learn the basics of safely riding mountain bikes and learn different techniques to handle your bike on the trails.

Bicycle Summer Camps

Summer is a busy time for Bike Works with a variety of Day Camps and Overnight Camps that include riding, bike touring and bicycle repair programming. Camps include:

  • RAD Camp – Ride All Day in this camp designed to show you a variety of different bike riding.
  • RIDES Camp – Explore Seattle by bicycle in this urban bike riding camp.
  • Bicycle Touring Camps – Enjoy all that bike touring has to offer with these different camps of all experience levels.

Bicycle Giveaways

We give away bikes to low-income youth through two programs UGottaGetABike and Kids Bike-o-Rama. UGottaGetABike goes to schools and community organizations to partner and give away bikes to groups of youth who need one. Kids Bike-o-Rama partners with Community based organizations to register low -income youth ages 2 – 8 to receive a bike twice a year in June and December. If you are a school or community organization and want to learn more contact us.

Partnerships & Job Skills Training

After Bike Works partners extensively with schools and community organizations. One of our newest partnerships is our Bicycle Mechanic and Job Skills Training program that currently works with youth from two Seattle Public Schools- Summit Sierra and Interagency Academy. Youth spend half of their school day at Bike Works learning bike mechanic skills as well as job readiness skills. Youth who complete the program are eligible to apply to work aboard the BikeMobile.

Our sponsors help make youth programs possible!

Title Sponsor

SPIN: Pedal with Purpose

Spin is a group of approximately 70 enthusiastic cyclists who formed a team to Pedal with Purpose. Over the past 7+ years they have raised over $500,000 for a variety of charitable/nonprofit causes such as multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s, domestic violence and Bike Works. SPIN also supports Bike Works through volunteering, participating in community events, and introducing new people to the Bike Works community.