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Our Mission

Bike Works promotes the bicycle as a vehicle for change to empower youth and build resilient communities.

Our Vision

Mobilized people. Thriving communities. Healthy planet.

Our Values


We believe that bicycling is an accessible form of transportation that promotes public health, builds confidence, encourages environmental stewardship and strengthens community.


We are committed to youth empowerment. We provide youth opportunities to grow as leaders, give back to the community, work together and see themselves as owners and creators of our collective future.


We work to build strong, supportive, inclusive community. We welcome and respect diversity of experience, identity and opinion and believe that collaboration is a powerful tool for social change.


We believe that we are all teachers and learners, and we strive to be a place where we can work, learn, and grow together. Through our work we foster creativity, critical thinking, curiosity and cooperation.


We are committed to making cycling accessible, affordable and welcoming to people of all backgrounds, abilities and incomes.


We believe that respecting and connecting to the world around us leads to more livable communities. To that end, we practice and encourage waste reduction and reuse, prolong the life of bicycles, promote cycling and teach environmental stewardship.

Social Justice

Inequalities of wealth and opportunity in our community privilege some and marginalize others. We see bicycles as vehicles of empowerment, and our work as contributing to creating a more just and equitable world.

Commitment to Racial Equity

This statement is to inform our community about the work we have done and are doing to transform Bike Works into an antiracist organization. And to acknowledge the hard work ahead achieve that vision. We ask you, our community, to hold us accountable to this commitment and to join us.

We acknowledge that oppression take many forms including racism, sexism, ableism, classism, but that in our country, racism hurts every oppressed community. We have chosen to focus specifically on racial equity as a leverage point to work towards justice for all.

In 2016, the Bike Works staff wrote a Strategic Plan, outlining our goals and vision for 2017 – 2020. During that process, we made explicit our commitment to racial equity. We subsequently wrote a Racial Equity Action Plan to align our organizational structure, programmatic focus, and community engagement efforts with that commitment. We aimed to move beyond having conversations about the existence of institutional racism, towards taking action to undo it; both within our organization and in our community.

This Racial Equity Action Plan includes specific metrics for recruiting and retaining a racially diverse workforce and Board of Directors, supporting organizations led by communities of color that align with our mission, creating a Racial Equity Task Force comprised of community members of color paid to hold us accountable to our antiracist goals, and offering ongoing equity and antiracism training to staff and board members. 

Since the Plan’s implementation in 2017, we’ve been tracking and reporting our progress towards these goals to our staff and board. We have added additional initiatives such as paid volunteer time for our staff to work on behalf of organizations led by communities of color; supporting vendors, partners, and organizations of color with our business and with sponsorship; incorporating antiracist principles into our youth and adult programming curriculum. 

In the fall of 2019, Beloved Community facilitated conversations with our staff, Board of Directors, Youth Advisory Committee, and Racial Equity Task Force to write our next Strategic Plan for 2021 – 2025 through a racial equity lens. We are currently working to finalize this plan by the end of 2020 with racial equity as the guiding direction for our work.

This process helped us identify gaps in our current Racial Equity Plan, and deepen our commitments going forward. For example:

  • Committing to specifically to racially diverse leadership so that we may more effectively interrupt the culture of white supremacy in our organization.
  • Developing an internal Bike Works culture that makes space for collaborative decision-making and leadership opportunities for all staff. 
  • Prioritizing job access in our youth programming, aiming to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline for youth of color. 
  • Putting decision-making power directly into the hands of the POC communities we serve in South Seattle. 
  • Looking for ways that Bike Works’ physical space can be more of a community hub that changes the status quo and creates a safe space for people of color, female-identified and non-binary folks, and other groups typically marginalized in the cycling community and our society.

We look forward to sharing our new plan with the community soon and hope you will continue to hold us accountable to how we can do better.

We pledge to continue to fight for equal rights, justice, equity, and safety for our black and brown friends, family and neighbors, until racism is eliminated from our society.

Charity Info

Bike Works is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. 100% of contributions are tax deductible.

The full legal name and address of Bike Works is:

Bike Works Seattle
3709 S Ferdinand Street
Seattle, WA  98118

Bike Works’ federal tax identification number (TIN) is 91-1753062.

Tax Audit Information

2019 Tax Audit Report (pdf)

2018 Tax Audit Report (pdf)

2017 Tax Audit Report (pdf)

2016 Tax Audit Report (pdf)

2019 At A Glance

Educating Youth!

2,197 youth participants in our Earn-a-Bike classes, drop-in hours, camps, & community partnerships
72% from SE Seattle
100% of scholarship needs met

Promoting Bicycling!

1,041 adult participants in through our repair classes and volunteer opportunities
907 bikes given away to low-income youth & adults

Recycling Bikes!

281,330 pounds of material was diverted from the waste stream
8,038 bikes donated to Bike Works

Serving the Community!

100+ community partners
10,330 transactions in the community enterprise bike shop
7,619 youth & adult volunteer hours

Strategic Plan

Download 2017 – 2020 Plan (pdf)

Download Racial Equity Action Plan 2017 – 2020 (pdf)

Download 2011 – 2016 Plan (pdf)

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