Youth Riding Clubs

Bike Works can provide bikes and helmets needed to participate in each of our clubs.

Bike Riding Programs at Bike Works range from Street Burners, a free cycling and social activities community for youth, to weekend riding clubs during the school year like R.I.D.E.S. (Ride, Investigate, and Discover the Environment and Society) and Justice Journeys, to summer camps. All rides with Bike Works offer youth the ability to engage in outdoor exploration and riding skills practice while creating community and engaging in dialogue about identity, social justice, and environment.

 Please check back for future Riding Clubs opportunities for youth


Bike Works strives to make programming accessible to all youth.

We provide sliding scale scholarship options for families with limited incomes.  See each class/camp for sliding scale fees, and then pick the amount you are able to pay.

Prices listed for each program are as follows:

Actual Cost / 40% Subsidized / 60% Subsidized / Full Scholarship

We ask for full payment at the time of registration for each class, club, and camp at Bike Works.