Adult Bike Repair Classes

Our Adult Programs offer fun, friendly, and accessible bike education to people 18 years old and up! You can pay the full registration price, or we offer reduced class prices in return for volunteer service through our work trade program (see the bottom of this page).

Masks are encouraged to protect those most vulnerable in our community, but we will respect your decision if you choose not to wear one. Classes take place in the Bike Works Warehouse (3715 S Hudson St #111, Lower Level East Entrance, Seattle, WA 98118).

You can also check out our Open Shop program, which happens every 1st & 3rd Friday from 4-7pm (Sept-May) and every 2nd & 4th Saturday from 1-5pm.


These classes are great for learning a single topic, instead of signing up for our 7 week 101 or 201 series, and for gaining experience working directly on your own bike! Participants should bring in their own (non-electric) bikes for workshops. If you are unable to bring your bike, Bike Works is happy to provide one for you.

A limited selection of tools, replacement parts and accessories will be available for purchase at workshops, however, we might not have everything you need. Students are encouraged to bring in their own parts if they are looking to replace anything specific, or email their instructor beforehand. As always, we will do our best to accommodate you and your bike!

Beginner Workshops

Basics of Bike Maintenance


  • Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm, May 15 – FULL! Please check back for more workshops later.

Disc brakes

Rim brakes

Shifting gears

  • Wednesday 6-8:30pm, June 12 – FULL! Please check back for more workshops later.

Wrapping handlebars – COMING SOON!

Intermediate/Advanced Workshops

Tubeless tires – COMING SOON!

Wheel truing – COMING SOON!

Bleeding brakes – COMING SOON!

Bike Repair 101

In this 7 week series, you will learn how to fix flats, adjust both rim and disc brakes, adjust gears, and basic on-the-ride repairs. Participants will work on bikes provided by Bike Works, and will have the opportunity to work on their own bikes during the last class. After you build your wrenching skills, bring your bike to our Open Shop community repair space to give your bike the tune-up it deserves, or attend our Volunteer Repair Parties to help Bike Works repair bikes that we donate back out into the community.

Upcoming Class Dates  

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm, July 2 – August 13 – Registration coming on Wednesday 5/22

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm, October 22 – December 3 – Registration coming on Tuesday 9/10

Bike Repair 201 

This 7 week course is intended for graduates of Bike Repair 101 and folks who have spent time honing their skills through volunteer hours, or experience at-home or on-the-job. Students should already be proficient in fixing flat tires, as well as adjusting gears and brakes.

In this class series, you will learn:

  • Rear hub overhaul & cassette/freewheel removal
  • Overhaul bottom brackets & headsets; basic crank, stem, and handlebar compatibility
  • Wheel truing
  • Advanced drivetrain theory & troubleshooting (including chain replacement and derailleur hanger alignment)
  • Basic drivetrain and brake compatibility

Students will receive a complimentary copy of the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair. This course will involve 30-45 minutes of reading per week outside of class time.

Upcoming Class Dates

Tuesdays, 6-8:30pm, May 7 – June 18 – FULL!

Tuesdays, 6-8:30pm, August 27 – October 8 – Registration coming on Wednesday 5/22

Class Tuition & WoRK TRADE

All of our programming is pay what you can afford, with options to offset the full cost by opting in to our work trade program and committing to volunteer time with Bike Works. Students will have one calendar year (from the date that their bike repair class begins) to complete their work trade (e.g., if you signed up for a Bike Repair 101 course that starts on March 1, 2024, you have until March 1, 2025 to complete your work trade volunteer hours). Not sure how many work trade hours you still owe? Check your volunteer hours here! 

If you have not completed your work trade hours within the allotted time, you will be asked to pay the remainder of our full cost tuition. Please contact us if you are unable to volunteer and/or pay the remaining tuition and we will be happy to accommodate you!

If you don’t have time to commit to volunteering through the work trade program, you can also “name your price” and simply pay the amount you can afford. No students will be denied access due to lack of funds. 

Below is an example of our tuition for Bike Repair 101. Each two hour class is valued at $50, and most classes will have one instructor per three students. 201 may cost more due to class supplies and more class time:

$350 – Pay it forward! Help offset the cost for folks who can’t afford the full cost.
$300 – Full cost
$250 – Discounted price with commitment of 3 hours of volunteering
$200 – Discounted price with commitment of 6 hours of volunteering
$150 – Discounted price with commitment of 9 hours of volunteering

$____ (name your price)

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