Earn-A-Bike, Community
Drop-in, and Beyond

* Our EAB Program is currently getting a makeover and will be launching in the Fall!! We are currently only inviting Alumni to participate in select Spring offerings. If you have participated in the EAB Program and are interested in learning more about what we have going on this Spring, PLEASE email Ricky ! We will update our schedule closer to Fall as we formalize the launch of this Program. Thank you for your patience. 

what is Earn-A-Bike?

Earn-a-bike is an educational model used across the country where young people learn how to fix bikes, earn community service hours and then you Earn-a-Bike! During this after-school program, you can practice your skills on bikes we repair and give back to the community. In addition to working on donated bike projects, you can pick out and fix up your own bike, or earn cool bike parts and accessories! This Program is available to folks ages 11-24.

Earn-a-Bike Orientation

EAB Orientation is an introduction to bicycle repair and basic community guidelines of EAB Community Drop-in. Students will learn: how to fix a flat tire, basic steps to overhauling bearing systems, along with guidelines and expectations for the EAB Program. Once Students complete the Orientation, they will be able to participate in Community Drop in. EAB Orientation is for high school aged participants, if you or the person you are looking to have participate is 11-13, see below for an upcoming EAB Class.

This program is currently getting a makeover, we will update our schedule closer to Fall as we formalize the launch of this project. Thank you for your patience.

What are the Requirements to Participate in the EAB Community Drop-in program?

  • 11-13 year old students must participate in an EAB repair class
  • High School aged students must fill out EAB Community Drop-in Program Application
  • Must participate in EAB Orientation
  • Must be interested in learning about community, leadership and being on a journey with a group of peers to participate in community discussions.

What are the Benefits of the EAB Community Drop-in Program?

  • IT’S FREE!!
  • Learn bike repair on community service projects
  • Access to bicycle repair tools and bicycle repair instruction from peers and staff
  • Community Service hours for participating in community repair projects (high school requirement: 60 hours)
  • Option to earn and build a bike of your own to keep, and accessories for your current bicycle (with the accumulation of community service hours)
  • Opportunity to build skills around: Leadership, Mentorship, and Job Readiness
  • Youth led community space for you to hang out, and meet new people!
Upcoming EAB Classes


Earn-A-Bike Virtual Repair Class – Winter (11-13) 2021

March 5th – April 9th Friday 4 – 6 PM

Join our virtual Earn-a-Bike class for a new take on our long standing youth bike repair program. Learn the basics of bike repair:  Fix a flat, brakes, gears and maintenance.  Youth can earn a BMX bike with the completion of community service hours. This class will be split between 4 virtual mechanic sessions and 2 in-person bike riding sessions.

Registered students will receive all supplies for their classes delivered to their homes if they live in the 98108, 98118, 98144, 98168, and 98178 zip codes – if you do not live in these zip codes, you will need to pick up the supplies (bike, stand & tools) the week before classes start.  Students will need to return all tools and supplies, as well as the bikes after all of the classes have ended.


Bike Works strives to make programming accessible to all youth.

*At Bike Works, all of our programming is on a sliding scale cost. Through this payment structure, we are able to provide programming for anyone who is interested in bike riding and repair, no matter what they can afford to pay. We believe that it is more important than ever to be creating access and opportunities for communities disproportionately affected by institutional racism, classism, and sexism. We ask that individuals and families who are able to pay the full cost of our classes help by paying it forward for community members who cannot afford to pay full price, or at all.

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