Earn-a-Bike Program

What is Earn-A-Bike?

Learn how to fix bikes and earn community service hours!  During this 8-week after-school program, you can practice your skills on bikes we repair and give back to the community. In addition to working on donated bike projects, you can pick out and fix up your own bike, or earn cool bike parts and accessories!

Our classes include:

  • Beginner Repair classes where youth learn about simple mechanics and are able to earn a BMX bicycle with community service hours
  • Intermediate Repair classes encompass more difficult bike repair lessons on more complex bikes and youth can earn a mountain bike with hours
  • Advanced Repair classes are for youth who are interested in working in a bike shop or in entering our Bicycle Leaders Program. Youth who graduate from this class can mentor and apprentice in our programs as instructors and as mechanics in our bike shop and Bike Mobile.

Interested in becoming a mechanic and investing in community?  Find the right class for you and sign up!

All class session are 4:00 – 6:00 PM.

2019 Winter Session

Tuesday Beginner Repair (ages 9 – 12) January 22 – March 19 * 

Wednesday Intermediate Repair (ages 12 – 17) January 23 – March 20 * 

no classes February 19 or 20


Tuesday Beginner Repair (ages 9 – 13) April 16 – June 4 

Wednesday Advanced Repair (ages 14 – 17) April 17 – June 5 

* Instructor approval required to register for Advanced Repair


Tuesday Beginner Repair (ages 9 – 12) September 24 – November 12

Wednesday Intermediate Repair (ages 12 – 17) September 25 – November 13

Interested? Contact Program Staff at 206.695.2416 or email us at: youthprograms@bikeworks.org


Bike Works strives to make programming accessible to all youth.

We provide sliding scale scholarship options for families with limited incomes.  See each class/camp for sliding scale fees, and then pick the amount you are able to pay.

Prices listed for each program are as follows:

Actual Cost / 40% Subsidized / 60% Subsidized / Full Scholarship

We ask for full payment at the time of registration for each class, club, and camp at Bike Works.


Beyond Earn-A-Bike: Street Burners

Street Burners is Bike Works’ youth alumni club for graduates from any of our programs. Check out what you can get involved in!


Contact Programs for more information on upcoming opportunities!

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