An inspiring TED Talk about starting a bicycle movement

TED Talk & Earn-a-Bike

Earn-a-Bike alert! Claudia Tamez is a Brownsville resident who wanted to ride her bike in her seemingly bike unfriendly city. Listen to her TED Talk about finding a community through bicycling, the evolution of the Brownsville bicycle movement, and the Brownsville Bike Barn Earn-a-Bike program. This is what biking is all about.

Watch the Ted Talk


Earn-A-Bike for Youth

Learn bicycle repair after-school while earning a bike of your own! The bikes we repair in class are given back to the community. When you have done enough hours of community service (by being in class or dropping in to the after school repair space), you can pick out and fix up your own bike, bike parts, or accessories.

After you complete a class at Bike Works, you are part of the Street Burners which is a group of bike lovers who get together for various after-school & weekend activities (rock climbing, bowling, movie nights, etc) supported by Bike Works!

Ways for Adults to wrench

Steve works on a bike

A person with short, dark hair looks at the camera smiling. You cannot see their hands but a part of a blue bike is in the frame, implying that they are bent over the bike, working on it.

Does this video have you itching to drop-in and work on your own bike? Then come hang out in Open Shop every Sunday from 1:30-4:30 at the Bike Works warehouse.

What exactly is Open Shop?

Well, it is a self-directed space for adults to use our tools and repair stands with the help of a professional mechanic

and volunteer “Hosts.” Open Shop is a friendly, safe, and non-judgmental environment to empower yourself to learn mechanics, help others, and build community! Fix that flat tire from last spring, or change out your handlebars to a comfort bar for commuting. There is no better way to demystify your bike than taking a wrench to it yourself!

Open Shop is for adults (+18)

How much does Open Shop Cost?

The space is available at a suggested cost of $5/hour for stand time, tools, and assistance.

Any work performed on your bike during open shop is your responsibility.

For questions, contact Steve at