Why I Give: Ruth

When I was a teenager I remember feeling the need to belong. Even though my family was great and my home was happy, I wanted to find a place of my own – a place where I was completely comfortable, where I felt like I made a difference, and where being there meant I was part of something; but also a place that exposed me to different ways of doing things and different people.IMGP0767

Sometimes youth find that welcoming atmosphere at a best friend’s house or through sports teams; I’ve seen a lot of kids find it at Bike Works.

Through Bike Works’ programs, youth discover the freedom and independence of riding bikes, and gain a sense of empowerment through learning to fix their own bike. They also find a place where they can share their new found passion and enthusiasm for cycling with others. The youth I know feel such a strong bond that they’ve come back after starting college to work in the BikeMobile or to volunteer at Bike Works. They stay connected to Bike Works because they’re always welcome; they’re important to the community. They feel valued because they are. Ruth

Bike Works is a southeast Seattle gem. It’s a welcome place for teens, young adults, children, community members and everyone else. It’s a place where I immediately feel connection to the organization and community, whether I’m picking up a bike tube or volunteering on the Board of Directors. That’s this chain reaction we are talking about at Bike Works. I’m valued. Youth are valued. And you and your contributions to this amazing organization are valued.

Please make a contribution to Bike Works today. Be a part of our Bike Works community and know you’re making it possible for Bike Works to continue providing a welcoming place for youth, adults, children, and all – teaching skills and building confidence through biking.

Join us on #GivingTuesday and make a special donation. Bike Works has a goal of raising $35,000 to support our youth & adult program. Be part of the chain reaction.