New pricing for all refurbished bikes

In accordance with our commitment to racial equity and social justice, continuous learning, and process improvement, Bike Works is rolling out a 3 tiered pricing schedule for refurbished bicycles. Founded in 1996 by grassroots cycling activists, Bike Works has long been a pillar of the bike community in South Seattle and South King County. In our ongoing mission to promote the bicycle as a vehicle for change, the three tiered pricing model was developed to make cycling more accessible to people who may not otherwise have affordable access to bikes.

Through individual donations and community partnerships, Bike Works processes around 6,000 bicycle donations each year. Reuse & Recycle Director Steve Gadingan works with staff refurbishing the usable bicycles. He says the new pricing model is an easy lever to pull for folks who want to know how they can help Bike Works. “But more importantly,” he says, “it’s an easy lever to pull for folks who need help – but they won’t need to ask for it.”

Recycle & Reuse Operations Manager Allie Sarfaty says they want to live in a world where those who want access to bikes can have it with as few barriers as possible. “And those who already have access to bikes should feel okay paying more if they can.”

Shop Director Kellen Rack says the pricing model brings into the conversation our endeavor to make bikes more accessible for everyone. 

Executive Director Ed Ewing says folks are free to choose the price point that best matches their economic situation. “This new model makes the actual value of our bikes more transparent, and invites customers who can afford to “pay it forward” to do so, while offering an affordable price below market value for those who need it. This approach to retail aligns with our commitment to racial equity and social justice.”

Bike Works’ community bike shop is open 12 PM to 6PM Monday through Tuesday, 12 PM – 6 PM Thursday through Friday, and 11 AM – 5 PM Saturday and Sunday. The shop is closed Wednesdays.