Happy New Year!

[Image Description: Three adults gather around a bicycle wheel. The person on the far right is holding the wheel, demonstrating  mechanics on the center of the wheel. The other two adults watch with aprons on and heads bent over the wheel.]

[Image Description: A young rider smiles while steering a blue bicycle with a blue ribbon tied to the black handlebars. In front, the top of an orange caution cone is visible with the word “test” hanging from it. The kid is bundled in a dark, puffy coat and two older youth stand behind watching.]

[Image Description: A group of girls in an array of brightly colored clothing stand together, looking at the camera. They are holding pieces of a bicycle together to make the shape of a bike. Two girls are sitting on the floor, one is holding the front wheel and the other is holding the crank.]

What an inspiring year!

Your support made it possible to accomplish some amazing things in 2016:

7,000 used bicycles were rescued from the waste stream

Over 1,250 youth participated in Bike Works programs

Over 700 low-income youth and adults gained access to a working bicycle

And so much more!

Special #shoutout

to some of the Bike Works partners that made this year extra special

[Image Description: A collage of logos ranging from large at the top (Washington Bike Law) to smaller at the bottom. In order from top to bottom, left to right: Washington Bike Law, Washington Health Plan Finder, Total Reclaim, MiiR, Evo, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Vulcan, GLY Construction, Washington Federal, Cascade Bicycle Club, Seattle Children’s, Obliteride, Ecotope, Garage, and Alpha Graphics.]