Building Sustainable Communities: One Bikes-for-All! at a Time

Another successful Bikes-for-All event was held at the end of April! 2016_BWForAll1 (20)Adults in our
community began lining up at the Bike Works Warehouse at 1 pm to receive their free bicycle, lock, lights, helmet, and quality bicycle safety information. Every session at least 25 marginalized, low-income adults receive a commuter bike on a first come, first serve basis. Getting bikes
back into the community provides access to successful year-round bicycle transportation. Simply having access to a bike is the largest barrier to bicycling for Seattle adults and Bikes-for-All! helps to eliminate that barrier.

Where do the bicycles come from for Bikes-for-All? 

As with all bicycles at Bike Works, the bikes given away at Bike-for-All! are donated by folks like you. Like most bicycles that have spent time in a garage, carport, or backyard for a while they could use a little TLC, so these bicycles make a pit stop in the Bike Repair 101 classrooms. For 6 weeks, our bicycles travel through the hands of adults 2016_BFA3 (26)learning everything from fixing a flat to overhauling bearing systems. 
After the mountain bikes finish their journey in the classroom they get safety tuned and bolt checked by a staff mechanic and receive their sticker of approval.

On the day of the event, bikes are lined up by size and an awesome crew of volunteers are ready to help match these bikes to their new owners. After test rides, questions and a photo with their bike people take home their new piece of freedom. Further maintenance and questions are accessible through our Open Shop Community Repair Space held every Sunday.


How do I know if I qualify for a bicycle through Bikes-for-All?


It’s simple! Bikes-for-All applicants must meet ALL of the qualifications below:2016_BWForAll2 (26)

To learn more or apply, visit the Bikes-for-All page or please email the Adult and Volunteer Programs Coordinator.